Ute Indian Tribe


To take a course offered by the Utah Division of Homeland Security, you must create an account on our new training data system called U-TRAIN at www.utah.train.org. U-TRAIN will provide you with transcripts of courses you have completed and you will be able to print your certificates upon course completion.

To create your account:

1) Go to www.utah.train.org

2) Select Create Account

3) Enter your account information Please select a login name and password that you will easily remember

4) State or local agency employees select your agency and division (if listed).

Then select at least one statewide group that applies to you (Emergency Manager, or one of the four categories of First Responders, so you will be able to view our course listings.)

5) Complete the Following

a. Professional Roles (up to 3)

b. Work Settings

c. Demographic Information (Optional)


If you have any questions please call the U-TRAIN helpline at 801-538-9057.