Ute Indian Tribe

January 4, 2021



Ute Indian Tribe has 63 active cases with 207 Recovered as of January 4, 2021. We just want to remind everyone that COVID-19 is in increasing in cases throughout the Tri-County area, so please wear your masks in public, sanitize and wash your hands often, and social distance in public places. Now that the holidays have concluded we ask you to watch for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, sore throat, fever, headache, body aches, and loss of taste or smell), if you start to show any of these symptoms we ask that you get tested. COVID-19 testing is available at Indian Health Services in Fort Duchesne, call to schedule an appointment (435) 725-6815. If you need additional information about COVID-19, when to quarantine, or self-isolation, you can visit the information board in front of the Emergency Management Office or visit the CDC website at http://www.cdc.gov.

Friendly Reminder to leave faucets at night at a slow drip to prevent pipes from freezing, and as a safety precaution start your vehicles early before driving to prevent damages to your vehicle. Be safe and have a good week.



Senior Citizens Department would like to remind elders 65 and over that applications for heating assistance is available in the front office at the Senior Center. Senior Dept. we ask that you check your propane, and if you need to refill please call them before the end of day.


Community Health Representatives Area rotation for January, February, March 2021

- Ouray, Randlett, Independence, Sunshine Acres, Gusher, La Mesa, Lil Chicago, Foothill Apts. Rotation will be Charmaine Pepion #(435-828-2352)

- Ft. Duchesne, Senior Apts., Richardsons, Hilltop Sub Div., Lapoint, Tridell. Rotation will be Jaclyn Redfoot #(435-823-2311)

- Roosevelt, Myton, Bridgeland, Altamont, Arcadia, Neola. Rotation will be Owna Fa’Agata #(435-823-2343)

- Alterra, Coonsville, Yellowstone, Indian Bench, Whiterocks, Farmcreek. Rotation will be Darci Lira #(435-828-2354)



Due to current weather conditions they are asking that water be left running with a slow drip to prevent water lines from freezing. They’ve been experiencing a lot of service calls due to frozen water.                                



At this time, the Natural Resource Department would like all tribal membership who required an Agriculture/Home site Assignment to please call and provide a current mailing address and phone number. Please feel free to contact the Resource office @ (435-725-4825) or (435-725-4838)



Drive – Thru Covid-19 Testing, Tuesday & Wednesday, 9AM-10AM. Thursdays 1:30 To 2:30 PM. It is recommended to make an appointment for COVID testing so the lab order can be made before you arrive. Location is the Ambulance Doors.

Drive – Thru Flu Shots, Monday & Friday 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. No appointment needed for Flu Shots. Everyone should get a Flu Shot ASAP because when the COVID Shot comes out you will not be able to get them at the same time. Location is Wellness Center Parking Lot (JIWC)



I have a poll which I am hoping to receive feedback regarding our Ute Indian Tribe Big Game Draw.  Every year I hear from some people mentioning how they don’t draw out for anything and people saying it’s been years since they have drawn a Hill Creek Elk permit.  We have always had the draw in July and it is the luck of the draw on whoever is drawn and how many people put in each year. 

We have recently got a software in which will allow us to enable a point system and run the draw using the point system.  This would mean that if you do not draw out then you earn a point which would then be applied to the following years draw giving you a better chance of being drawn.  This would also mean that we would use the software to run the lottery and make the pick of who gets permits.  Using the software to run the lottery, would give us the list of successful tribal members very quickly and would notify people through email, if provided.  The wait for the list would be a bit faster as well.

I am hoping to get feedback from tribal members only. Stop by the office with your tribal ID, if you would like to take part in this poll. Call (435-725-5511) for more Information.



Hay sales on Tuesday and Fridays Only. Average Weight is 3 Bales 1 Ton.

First Crop: $30.00 Second Crop: $45.00 Third Crop: $45.00 First Crop Grass: $30.00

Second Crop Grass: $45.00. Tribal Members are limited to 18 Bales = 7 Tons per Month.

No Semi Loads. No Holds must be picked up at time of service. Tribal member must be present of time of sale and have valid Tribal I.D. For any questions you can call there office @ (435-722-3136) or call Clark Jones @ (435-823-7433)



Special Menu January 4th – 8th

- Monday: Soup – Chicken Noodle. Entrée – Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Tator Tots, and Med.Drink.

- Tuesday: Soup – Green Chili Stew. Entrée – BBQ Chicken w/Baked Bean, Coleslaw, Med.Drink.

-Wednesday: Soup – Beef Stew. Entrée – Hamburger & Potatoes w/Green Chili, Side Salad, Med.Drink.

- Thursday: Soup – Chicken Noodle. Entrée – Chicken Strip Basket w/English Chip, White Gravy, Texas Toast & Med.Drink.

- Friday: Soup – Red Chili Beans & Green Chili Stew. Entrée – Nacho Supreme, Shredded Pork, Dessert, & Med.Drink.



Practice your Ute Language. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @ 6PM.

Zoom Meeting ID: 99732745867 equipment assistant for Ute Elders (65+) and Youth who want to join. You can contact Braiden at Braidan@uteandtrust.org for more information.



Is accepting applications for 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom units for low income rental program. For more information call: (435-722-4656)



Mending Broken Hearts Native American Grief Recovery Meeting. Meeting times: Every Wednesday @ 5:30 – 7 Pm. Call Rebecka to sign up @ (435-828-8897)



A kindly reminder that the following should NOT go into the Ute Tribal Garbage bins or dumpster. We operate compacting trash trucks and these items will ruin Sanitation Equipment:

  • Electronics
  • Office Furniture
  • Construction Debris (bricks, stone, concrete)
  • Renovation Debris (drywall, wood, siding)
  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Paint
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Dead Animals
  • Hazardous Waste (gas, oil, pesticides, etc.…) should you have any questions please feel free to contact us 435-722-5176.



DUE to the respect for our tribal members – Safety First Always. No Classes are scheduled until further notice. Thank You from Maylee Mountain.



Anger Management Classes now available through UIT/ASAPP. All classes are held on the ZOOM platform. We at A/SAPP are doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For any questions or more information on how to get started contact: Adam Twiss Case Manager @ (435) 722-3234 ext. 2869



Ute Home Mortgage LLC

- Mortgage Officer

GIS Coordinator


Ute Hemp LLC

- Chief Executive Officer

Ute Housing Authority

- Grounds Keeper

Adult Court

- Prosecutor

- Public Defender

Alcohol Substance Abuse Prevention Program

- Licensed Clinician

Senior Citizens

- Director

Tribal Transportation Program

- Transportation Director

Uintah River High School

- Special Education Aide


- JOM Tutor / Mentor

Painted Horse Transport

- Dialysis Driver


- Clerk (am) – Part Time

Fish & Wildlife Administration

- 505 SPO Coordinator

Tribal Courts

- Health & Wellness Court Judge

- Associate Judge


- Maintenance Supervisor

- Maintenance Worker (2) Positions

Victims Of Crime

- Advocate



Ute Plaza

- Meat Cutter

Ute Oilfield Water Service

(5) Temporary Water Truck Drivers – Part Time

Ute Coffee house

- Manager

- Barista

Ute Enterprise

- Director

- Chief Financial Officer

- Grocery Stocker

Myton Ute Petroleum

- Cashier

- Deli Worker (3) Positons - Part time

For more information contact: the Human Resource Office @ (435-725-4017)


*UTE BULLETIN DEADLINE: The next Bulletin Deadline: Monday January 18, 2021. Bulletin will be out: Monday January 25, 2021. Please submit your articles and photos to Ute Bulletin Office to, reginam@utetribe.com,

*FRIENDLY REMINDER: Daily Business will be through EMAIL or the office’s DROP BOX in front of the building due to the precaution of COVID-19. Please submit your Radio News to Ute Bulletin/Public Relation Department by noon (12:00 pm) On Mondays, email information to heidib@utetribe.com or reginam@utetribe.com

If you missed any portion of this program, you can view the Ute News at www.utetribe.com, or stop by the office and pick up a copy of the Ute News. Be Safe, Wash & Sanitize Your Hands, Wear your masks and Social Distance. Thank You.