Ute Indian Tribe


August 7, 2018

Good Morning “Friends and Relative “

ATTENTION: New time for the Ute Radio News on KNEU 1250 is 9:00 am please submit your radio news on Monday NO later than 12:00 noon submit your news to gwenita@utetribe.com

UTE INDIAN TRIBE QUARTERLY MEETING: August 23 2018 at 10:00 am meeting will be held at Tribal Auditorium Lunch will be Served.

UPDATE - COMMUNITY HEATLTH REPRESENTATIVES TRANSPORT POLICY: The CHR Departments will need 2 day notice on local transports, for medical only. Call must be made 2 day in advance before appointment date and time, Please Call CHR Office at 435-725-4225

UTE TRIBE RECREATION DEPARTMENT: Taking sign up for Youth Volleyball leagues 4 on 4 Youth Co-ed 6th-8th Grade NO FEE 9th -12th Grade NO FEE August 23, 2018 Deadline for sign ups Woman’s & Co-ed Volleyball Leagues Entrance fee $300,00 per teams fee must be paid before dateline NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! For more information please call Gina LaRose or email ginal@utetribe.com Recreation Department at 435-722-2249.

UTE TRIBE EDUCATION VENITA K TAVEAPONT MEMORIAL LIBRARY: Regular Library Hours Tuesdays – Fridays 10:0 – 6:00 pm beginner Moccasin Classes at 5pm – 7pm every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday for more information contact: Cheryle Lone bear 435- 725-4248. And don’t forget about the moccasin classes.

UTE AGRICULTURE: Has hay for sale at $20,00 a bail for all Tribal Member at the feed lot located in Arcadia

UPDATE FORM PAINTED HORSE DIABETES PROGRAM: Offices hours Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm GYM HOURS: Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm and Friday’s 9:00 am – 5: 00 pm August 14, 2018 Rafting sign up at Painted Horse bus will leave Ute Plaza at 10:00 am children under the age of 9 will have to a parents and please bring extra clothes August 15, 2018 Superhero Walk starting at the Painted horse office building at 10:00 am August 15, 2018 Painted Horse is having Glow Run/walk at dust and on Painted Horse office at 435-725-4916 or 435-725-4912. UPDATE ON PAINTED HORSE GYM IT WILL BE CLOSE UNIT – AUGUST 13TH  but the office will be open.

UPDATE FROM SENIOR CITZENS PROGRAM: All Ute Seniors call in advance for transportation scheduling is from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm Monday thru Thursday

Except on tribal holiday/tribal events. REMINDER: THERE IS ONLY ON DRIVER SO PLEASE MAKE ADVANCE SCHEDULING IS REQUIRED: All Medical Transportation contact: CHR Office at 435-722-3011 for more information contact senior department 435-725-4281 ELDERS WHO NEED ASSISTS WITH ANY PLEASE CALL ONE OF THE FOLLOWING DEPARTMENT: Outdoor water problem or trash call Ute Water Systems 435-722-5176 Home repair or chores call Building Rehab 435-722-1255 Minor Home Repairs call Maintenance 435-722-2256.

REMINDER FROM TIME 4KIDS LITTLE BLOSSOM CENTER: We our offering free development evaluation for children birth to 3 years of age office hours: Monday Thursday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm for more information please contact: Little Blossom Center at 435-722-5654.


Please contact Human Resources Department 435-725-4044

Natural Resource Sclerocactus plan – Seasonal Biological Technician/Botanist

Human Resource/Personal – Assistance Director

Head Start – Assistance Teacher (7)/Lead Teacher (3)

Red Pine – (2) Female House Manager

Transit – Bus Driver

Fish & Wildlife – Conservation Officers (4)

CHR – Community Health Representative (2)

Uintah River High School – Science Teacher

Fish & Wildlife Big Game Enhancement - Range Tech/Bison 1

Recreation – DirectorTribal Court – Tribal Prosecutor

Motor Pool - Detail

UTE WATER SETTLEMENT CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Ute Plaza needs (1) Produce Worker – (1) Bakery Clerk – (1) Dairy/Frozen Department Lead – (2) Deli Worker for more information please call manger Josh Jenks at 801-455-6061.

Ute Meat Department (2) Meat Wrapper/Cleaner for more information call Manager Jeremy 801-725-2148 or email jeremyr@utetribe.com Myton Ute Petroleum (2) Deli Night/Weekend for more information call Manager Dawna Ross 801-566-6701 or email dawnar@utetribe.com Ft. Duchesne Ute Petroleum (3) Krispy Krunchy Chicken (3) Cashiers for more information call Manager Joetta Bitsui, 801-707-0975 or email joettab@utetribe.com Ute Oilfield Water Services (5) Drivers for more information call Manager Henry Howell 801-300-3764 or email henryh@utetribe.com

UTE TRIBE HEAD START PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY ENROLLING CHILDRED FOR THE 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR: Registration Day Wednesday August 8. 2018 from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm more information please contact: 435- 722-4506 or 435-725-4859 need to bring the following information birth certificate, verification of income for the past 12 months Immunization Record. It will be held at the Head Start-Admin Bldg.

NORTHERN UTE SECOND SUN DANCE: August 17-20 2018 Sundance Leader Henry Howell feast will be held August 20, 2018 at 6pm, requesting for wokers who want to help work on the sundance logde please email henryh@utetribe.com or call Henry Howell at 801-300-3764.

UTE NATION DAYS: We have certificate for Albert Cornpeach, Paul LaRose, Skyler Lomahaftewa, Lloyd Arrive, Henry Cesspooch, Cotonuts, Julius Sireech, Paul Cornpeach, family members can stop by the Ute Bulletin Department to pick up a gift/certificate.

UTE TRIBAL ENTERPRISES ANNUAL BACK TO SCHOOL: Luau on August 18th from 9:00 am – 11:00 pm at the Ute Plaza Parking Lot and Lunch will be served from 11 am – 12 pm. For more information please contact marketin@utetribe.com

UINTAH RIVER HIGH SCHOOL: URHS will be rolling over all enrollments from last school year unless told otherwise no registration for return students and new students 9th grade students will have to registration.

FISH AND WILDLIFE BIG GAME: Please be advised that the 2018-19 Big Game Draw results are posted at the Fish & Wildlife Office feel free to stop by and take a look be advised that permits are not available at this time. Please call or check with our office on Wednesday 8/8/18.

DAWEE HOWELL LAWN MOWING SERVICES: Basic Yard $25,00 Front and Back Yard $35.00 Additional $10,00 to trim and clean yard please contact Henry Howell at 801-300-3764 to book time.

UTE BULLETIN DEALINE: Monday August 6 th 2018 bulletin will be out on August 14th 2018 please submit your articles and photos to Ute Bulletin Staff kermitw@utetribe.com or charlotten@utetribe.com janaep@utetribe.com or reginam@utetribe.com

FRIENDLY REMINDER ANNUAL REPORTS : I know it’s kind of earlier to be thinking about Annual Reports please email kermitw@utetribe.com with your department information. Ute Bulletin staff member will be around to take photos of your department.

TRIBAL SCOPING MEETING: August 7th 2018 Tuesday 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm Myton Ute Community Building 130 South 100 East Myton Utah 84052 for more information please contact Mr. Gary Dean 435-722-4345 email gary.dean@bia.gov or Iktomi Favel Environmental Assistance at 435-722-4348 email Iktomi.favel@utetribe.com U.S Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and the Ute Tribe invite you to attend a scoping meeting to help identify the range.

UPDATE UTE FAMILY SERVICE OFFICE: Primary Care Network Open Enrollment for All Adults August 1-31,2018 for more information please contact Kaye 435-725-2848 or Owna 435-725-2850.

BASIC FUNDAMENTAL OF CRIMINAL LAW: August 7, 2018 Basic Law Class will be held at Tribal Auditorium Pot Luck Dinner starting at 5pm – 7pm free class.